The undisputed facts...

The undisputed facts

  • No other trees
  • No underground streams
  • No leaking pipes
  • No soil erosion
  • No soil - on top of sandstone ridge
  • No rock slides
  • No subsidence
  • Clearly visible large roots going under home
  • Cracks originating directly above root entry
  • Upward bowing of reinforced beam directly above root entry

The tree did it...

reputable authories say the tree IS the cause

  • AMP/GIO (Mountford Prider - Engineers) - 14 page report
  • Shirley Consulting - Geotechnical Engineers - 20 page report
  • McKee & Associates - Structural Engineer - 14 page report
  • Footprint Green - Arborists - 10 page report
  • Urban Forestry Australia - Arborists - 18 page report
  • GBG Australia - Ground Penetrating Radar - 8 page report

The tree didn't do it...

reputable authories, excluding the Judge, say the tree is NOT the cause

Experts have hypothesised and speculated to cause but not one stated that the tree DID NOT inflict the damage.

Not one person or reputable entity has promoted any viable alternative to the tree causing the damage!

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